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"Timeless" Cloth Sculpture


Standing about 27" tall this regal beauty was made entirely from fabric that was hand sewn.

"Timeless" was created to be displayed at the Wiltwyck Quilt Guild Art Show and received fantastic reviews...we think she's wonderful as well!  The theme for her was to take a garment style of the past and give it a fresh new look at life by use of modern fabrics and colors.  The popularity of "steampunk" has shown that styles of the past can be given respect and still be current fashion.

"Timeless" wears a corset, pantaloons, "modesty" petticoat, a lace petticoat, lace stockings and boots, a silk blouse, jacket, over skirt and under skirt.  Her hat, gloves and parisol complete her ensemble.  There are several embellishments added with attention to detail..what a beauty she is!

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