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"Blue Faery--Self Portrait" Cloth Sculpture


Standing over 2' tall  "Blue Faery"  was created to illustrate, in cloth form, the unique artist who created her.  A cat lover, loves the color blue, loves long dresses, and is a "faery trapped in a human body"..those are traits that were the goal for this sculpture.  We think we did just fine.

"Blue Faery" wears a full skirt that is quilted and embellished with tiny flowers, a flowing sleeved blouse, a matching quilted vest and under that her "unmentionables" are hidden from sight.  The wings are full and airy...her head is adorned with a floral "crown"...a faery princess..she is sure to have tales to tell.

Rave reviews from the Wiltwyck Quilt Guild Art Show where she was displayed as well as the fact she was a prize winner at the Doll Street Dreamers contest with the theme "self portrait" makes this sculpture a highly collectible item.

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