Hand-crafted Cloth Sculptures and Petite Couture


Note To Shoppers


At this time products offered by dibbledabble1dolls are only available to purchase in the USA.  We apologize to our friends overseas for excluding them, however due to shipping costs we would have to drastically increase the price of the items we offer.


The photos of our items show they truly aren't "factory made"..a very tiny studio is home to dibbledabble1dolls and as can be seen by the photos it is overfull with all kinds of goodies to create our wonderful products!

Petite Couture

The newest addition to our line is Petite Couture...limited supply fashions for My Size Barbie and large slender dolls.  The same attention to details that are found in our Cloth Sculptures can be found in this collection.  As always our products are quality USA made hand crafted items with a touch of fantasy that makes them very collectible Limited Edition items.  Due to use of embellishments our products are not child safe and should not be considered toys for children under 10 years of age.

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