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Well I Did Have Good Intentions

Posted by dibbledabble1dolls on March 28, 2014 at 9:30 AM

:|Sometimes we have a plan to make improvements in our lives but then in a blink of an eye time has flown by and those plans just fell through.  This was the case of being a better blogger and also to give more time to making this website better.  Good intentions...but not achieved. 

Well time is now to pull myself up and get busy!  Forget looking back over past promises and goals..they are behind me..on to what I plan for the future.

2013 was a busy year for DibbleDabble1Dolls...most of the year was spent in taking a serious look at the sculptures and toddler dresses created and also stocking up on materials for the new line..Boudoir Dolls...commonly known as bed dolls and numerous other names as well.  There is a long history about these dolls..the fantastic artists who brought them to "life" and why these dolls continue to remain popular.  The early dolls were prized by the women of the "Roaring 20's"..carried to even formal events...imagine that!  There were Flappers and Vamps..glamourous sirens..Southern Belles and characters popular in silent films as well.  We have all seen photos of Betty Boop...what a vixen she was!  The dolls were also dressed in finery fit for royalty...dreams that the doll owner envisioned of ways they themselves wished they could dress.  We later can see how these dolls influenced modern dolls such as Barbie and other fashion dolls.  We gave these dolls elaborate wardrobes, careers and even boyfriends!

To think of Boudoir Dolls as being a "new line" offered by DibbleDabble1Dolls really isn't accurate.  There has always been the love of elaborate garments and each doll having its own personality..yet there was a feeling of something's missing..of not feeling I finally reached home.  After sitting down with pen and paper..writing down what I love to make the most..there came a "lightbulb" moment..and then finally a name for the type of dolls I enjoy making the most...the dolls that let me be flambouant and free to express my love of fabrics and trims.

Yes it took a year of research to find out what was staring me in the face all along..a year of discovery..a year of shopping for vintage treasures..and a year to share my plans with many of my faithful buyers and friends.  A year well spent.  May you, my blog friends, also feel the excitement of this new adventure and visit my website often to see the new creations that will be, as always, available to be purchased via my website using paypal.  The quality and attention to detail of DibbleDabble1Dolls is well known as is the fact that these creations are not produced by the hundreds in a factory...they are created one at a time..all differ due to their being hand sewn..and thus no two will ever be alike.  A true tribute to owning a work of art.

This beauty is one example of a pattern purchased.  There are several patterns that date from the 1930's and are in the public domain that will also be used...copyrights have expired so there is no infringement on use of the patterns.

I have also discounted many of my earlier created dolls which are offered for purchase here on this site.  Truth be told..they were discounted so that they can be cleared out to make room for the new Boudoir Dolls...my home is very small and storage space is at premium...bursting at the seams.  I will also consider serious offers for the early creations..with no returns...the storage space will be exceeded.  The new creations will be larger than these early discounted dolls..range from 24" to 36" tall and thus will require the extra storage space.

Thanks for visiting DibbleDabble1Dolls...we welcome comments..your views are important to us.:)

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