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There seems to be a fine line...what is being proud of what you create or believe in vs Spam.  If anyone on my site feels they are being spammed by unwanted messages it needs to be dealt with...I will not tollerate spammers!  If you are thought of as spamming my site be prepared to be banned...one warning is the only notice you'll receive!

I apologize to all visitors and members of this site.  Life seemed to take up too much of my time and this site was a target for those who only had thoughts of pushing their footwear, watches and other items using my site as a way to do it.  There has also been way too many people who feel they have the "perfect selling tools" to promote this site.  Well my answer to you is...thanks but no thanks.  This site is all about DibbleDabble1Dolls...its creations and the life of an artist who creates them.  Friends and members are welcome to share what they make or do to be creative...I love hearing from all of you.....but again when I feel someone has taken advantage of our friendship they will be told to go elsewhere...no ill feelings to them as we all do what we need to when it comes to providing for our families and ourselves... there are sites which may be more receptive to what they are trying to sell..this isn't one of them.

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